Day 2: Escort in Beirut in my Hotel Room Top 10 Facts About Beirut Escort

Lebanon in Escort
Lebanon in Escort
Sara:- Escort Lebanon earn like 2000$ in a day. Look I am wearing Zara limited collection gown.
Fact 5:- Lebanon Escort really dress well.
Me:- How much Escort in Beirut are educated?
Sara:- I am a commerce graduate and I am also an accountant in my agency.
Fact 6:- Escort in Lebanon are also smart.

Escort in Lebanon
Escort in Lebanon
Tom:- What would you like to have, Sara said Margarita Pastizi, an Italian dish.
Me:- Do you know cooking.
Sara:- Yes I know How to cook even I can cook intercontinental food.
Fact7:- Lebanon Escort can also cook.
Tom:- You visit to so many clients….Dint you face any mishaps?
Sara:- I often get into mishaps due to drunk visitors in Beirut, but My family stand with me at every situation.

Escort Lebanon
Escort Lebanon
Fact 8:- Escort in Beirut are family women.
Me:- A waiter come with a tray of food for us:
Sara:- Relax…She opened the door and took tray from waiter and thanked him. And served food for ourselves.
Fact 9:- Escort Lebanon are really generous.
Tom:- If your husband come back to you…will you leave this job.
Sara:- yes of course, I really want to stand by him. But she dumped me.

Escorts Lebanon
Escorts Lebanon
And that Beirut started eating in sophisticated manner as she was unwilling to talk about her husband. I figured out my 10th fact about Escort in Beirut.
Fact 10:- Escort Beirut stand by their counterpart.
We ate food together, Finished and Sara requested to go for washroom. I went to cupboard and took condom for my next activity and hide that under the pillow.

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